Because You Want to Become a Real Estate Investor

Our Courses

Take a moment to review our courses! Start with the 8 Ways and see if you had fun. Then move on to the Funding First Real Estate Investing courses.

8 Ways to Know If You are Ready to Become a Real Estate Investor

Take action and live the life of a real estate investor for a couple days.

Funding First Real Estate Investing

This 11 Course Bundle will help you establish yourself as a real estate investor!

The Funding First Courses Include:

Know your investing Strategies

Learn the foundational Investing Strategies that will help your get started!

Money to Start

Learn how to start investing with money in the bank

Start Finding Properties

Let’s get out into the market and start finding properties!

The Propstream Advantage

Propstream will help you with finding off market properties and more!

Property Analysis

Now let’s start looking at the property and see what it needs!

Analysis Calculators

Now do a quick analysis of the property and see if it is a profitable deal!

The Rehab Experience

Become your own expert as to the style of your properties!

You Control the Process

You are in charge and need to control the process from start to finish!

The First Offer

Making your first offer is a great learning experience. Learn how to prepare yourself!

Mitigating Risk

Investing in real estate has risk. Learn how to reduce some of the risk and be better prepared!

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