Learn how to Become a Real Estate Investor!

This introductory course will provide you with the information that you need in order to move forward as a Real Estate Investor.

Understanding the Investing Process

Real Estate investing is a process. With these courses you will not only learn how to find and fund real estate, but create the processes you will use to become a real estate investor.

Strategy Overview

Learn the initial strategies used by real estate investors

Money to Start

Looking at your initial Funding Capacity and learn how to increase it

Finding Properties

Start finding properties and see what is available in your investing area

The Propstream Advantage

Continue finding properties and see how to move beyond the MLS

Property Analysis

Start looking at properties with the eyes of a real estate investor

Analysis Calculators

Start running the numbers on a property and estimate the income

The Rehab Experience

Study your market and benchmark the levels of rehab needed in your area

You Control the Process

You need to control the process or risk losing control and losing profits

The First Offer

Increase your confidence by knowing the process of making an offer

Mitigating Risk

Learn how to manage and mitigate risk as a real estate investor

Funding First Courses

Use these courses to help you gain the initial knowledge you need as a real estate investor. Then start gaining experience by putting your knowledge into action

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