Start with Your Funding Capacity

We work with Fundwise Capital to help you with your Funding Capacity estimate. To apply, fill out the form and take the phone call. Fundwise will then let you know your current Funding Capacity or what you need to work on to receive funding.

Understanding Your Baseline Funding Capacity

Know How Much Funding Capacity You Can Access

Your Base Line Funding

Identify how much funding you can secure now and determine if it is sufficient. If not, then learn how to expand your Funding Capacity.

Please note – Find the Flip LLC is a Fundwise Affiliate with Fundwise Capital and may receive a commission (at no cost to you).

Please Note – Unless you are paying thousands for a Guru lead real estate investing program, funding will likely be your most expensive start-up expense. So it’s worth your time to learn more and make sure you are ready to be a real estate investor. Then take action!
Mark Sanderson

Learn More about Fundwise

Scroll through the slides to learn more about funding!

Baseline Funding Example

Your potential funding may be larger than you realize!

Start with Money in the Bank!

With a Fico Score of 680+ you may qualify for funding personally or with your LLC or other legal entity. It’s a soft credit pull and your estimate won’t impact your credit score. Think of the power of starting as a real estate investor with money in the bank!

Completing the Fundwise Form

Complete the form and then take the call!

It only takes a couple of minutes

Complete the form and then take the call!
Your credit will not be effected and you will soon know your current Funding Capacity. Then we can work on ways to increase it!

Find the Flip LLC is a Fundwise Affiliate with Fundwise Capital and may receive a commission (at no cost to you).

Learn the Basics in 6 Steps

Now move forward with Step 2 – Improve Your Funding Capacity.

Your Baseline
Funding Capacity

Step 1 – Determine your Funding Capacity so that you can see the type of deals you can start with.

Improve Your
Funding Capacity

Step 2 – Look at ways to improve your funding capacity to that more deals are available to you.

Using Leverage to
Fund the Deal

Step 3 – Learn how to use the 80/20 Rule to purchase properties with a Hard Money Loan.

Finding Properties
to Buy

Step 4 – Find properties to flip or hold. Learn how to use PropStream to market.

The Rehab

Step 5 – Work with a Handyman to better understand rehabs, estimating, and costs.

Planning for Your
Property Exit

Step 6 – Buy with your exit in mind. Is the property a flip? Could it be a rental?

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