Improve Your Funding Capacity

There are several ways to improve your Funding Capacity. It can be as simple as starting a business or working to improve your personal credit score.

Improve Your Funding Capacity with Your Credit Score

Your Credit Score is an asset. If it is lower than 720 take the time to see if you can improve it.

Improve Your Credit Score

Capital One provides a service called CreditWise which allows you to see your credit score and see what is impacting it.

Use the Credit Simulator to see the actions you need to take to improve your credit score!

Improve Your Broken Credit Score

Sometimes you need help to move forward. Credit Repair companies challenge every negative item on your credit score. The credit bureaus have to play the rules, and if they’ve messed up then the item is removed.

Fund Your Business

A business can receive it’s own funding which allows you to increase your overall funding capacity. Our Lender Compliance micro course will help you setup your business foundation correctly!

Steps to Creating a Business

These are the Basic Steps to Consider when Creating Your Initial LLC and to Make Your Business Fundable

Create an LLC

Create an LLC as an initial funding vehicle and for asset protection. Match your LLC complexity with your personal risk and needs.

Virtual Business Address

Don’t use a residential address as your business needs to appear in business databases. Residential addresses are considered riskier.

Secure an EIN

This is the business tax id number and will be needed in order to open a bank account and to pay taxes on your profits.

Please note – Find the Flip LLC is an Affiliate with incfile and may receive a commission from your order (at no cost to you).

Open a Business Checking Account

Select a bank or credit union and open a checking account. A $100 deposit is enough to get you started.

Select a Business Phone Number

You will need a business phone number that identifies you as a business and can be listed with the 411 database.

Create a Website

Select a domain name and create a simple website so that people and lenders can see that your business exists.

Create a Professional Email Address

Create an email address that uses the domain name that you created when building your website

Learn the Basics in 6 Steps

Now move forward with Step 3 – Using Leverage to Fund the Deal.

Your Baseline
Funding Capacity

Step 1 – Determine your Funding Capacity so that you can see the deals you can start with.

Improve Your
Funding Capacity

Step 2 – Look at ways to improve your funding capacity to that more deals are available to you.

Using Leverage to
Fund the Deal

Step 3 – Learn how to use the 80/20 Rule to purchase properties with a Hard Money Loan.

Finding Properties
to Buy

Step 4 – Find properties to flip or hold. Learn how to use PropStream to market.

The Rehab

Step 5 – Work with a Handyman to better understand rehabs, estimating, and costs.

Planning for Your
Property Exit

Step 6 – Buy with your exit in mind. Is the property a flip? Could it be a rental?

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