Property Strategies

Understand the value of the property as wholesale, a flip, and as a rental. Pay close attention to your funding requirements, profits from a flip, and cash flow from a rental.

Do Everything with Your Strategies in Mind

Start with a strategy that matches your available funding, skills, and financial goals!

The Wholesale

Understand the Wholesale Strategy

The Fix & Flip

Understand the Fix and Flip Strategy

The Buy and Hold

Understand the Buy & Hold Strategy.

Keep Learning!

The Deal Review

Learn from your experience! Identify what went right, what went wrong, and what you should do next time.

Steps Review

Review all of the Steps or Dive Deeper with our Online Real Estate Investing Courses

Your Initial
Investing Strategies

Step 1Identify the opportunity. Is the property a potential wholesale? A flip? A rental? All of the above?

Finding Properties
to Buy

Step 2Find properties to match your strategy. Learn how to use PropStream as your deal finder and marketing tool.

The Rehab

Step 3Work with a Handyman to better understand rehabs, estimating, and costs. Know your style options!

Using Leverage to
Fund the Deal

Step 4 – Learn how to use the 80/20 Rule to purchase properties with a hard money loan and your own funds.

Your Baseline
Funding Capacity

Step 5 – Determine your Funding Capacity so that you can see the strategies available to you.

Improve Your
Funding Capacity

Step 6 – Look at ways to improve your Funding Capacity so that more deals are available to you.

Learn by Doing

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