8 Ways to Know if You are Ready to Become a Real Estate Investor Course

Consider this on the job training to see if you would to be a real estate investor. Remember, it’s not easy but it can be very rewarding!

Sneak Peak – Way #1 – Call an Agent

With this activity you will call a real estate agent and ask a couple of questions on a potential fix and flip opportunity.

No Pressure

You don’t have to make an offer. I just want you to have the experience of talking to an agent about a property.  

Anticipated Outcome

You’ll see that it’s fairly easy to talk to an agent about a property

The Experience

Not all agents are easy to work with, but my experience is that most are. Agents want the commission associated with selling the property. !

Sneak Peak – Way #2 – Initial Funding Capacity

With this activity we will look at how much initial funding you need in order to invest in real estate. We will use the Profit Requirement calculator to analyze the total funding required for a deal and the amount of initial funding you would need to match with a hard money loan.  

No Pressure

 No Pressure – you can find out your initial funding amount without actually applying for funding.

Anticipated Outcome

 Anticipated outcome – you will find out your pre approval amount. This will help you move forward with the appropriate investing strategy.  

The Experience

The experience – Finding out your pre approval amount will help you know if you are ready to become a real estate investor. Use it as a learning experience and see where you are.

Now Enroll in the Full Course!

Enroll in the Full Course to gain access to all 8 Ways. Each way is designed to give you the experience you need in order to choose to become a real estate investor.

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