Now Estimate the Rehab

Every rehab has options. Match the rehab to the requirements of the area and current finishes. The rehab needs to return value to the property and make it easier to sell!

Hit Your Numbers on the Rehab

Estimate right and have room for surprises!

Walk the Property

Let’s walk a property with my friends Eric and Bret

Use an Estimating Tool

Propstream has an advanced estimating tool to help you build your rehab budget.

Work with Your Contractors

Contractors and Handymen will provide the bids you need to properly create the budget.

Walk with a Handyman

Hire a Handyman to tour a couple of properties with you. Ask a lot of questions and get an idea on prices and options.

Learn the Basics in 6 Steps

Now move forward with Step 6 – Planning for Your Property Exit.

Your Baseline
Funding Capacity

Step 1 – Determine your Funding Capacity so that you can see the deals you can start with.

Improve Your
Funding Capacity

Step 2 – Look at ways to improve your funding capacity to that more deals are available to you.

Using Leverage to
Fund the Deal

Step 3 – Learn how to use the 80/20 Rule to purchase properties with a Hard Money Loan.

Finding Properties
to Buy

Step 4 – Find properties to flip or hold. Learn how to use PropStream to market.

The Rehab

Step 5 – Work with a Handyman to better understand rehabs, estimating, and costs.

Planning for Your
Property Exit

Step 6 – Buy with your exit in mind. Is the property a flip? Could it be a rental?

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